Relevance in India

  • Brick Shape

    The square bottom (or bottom with a base) provides the AD*STAR® bag with a brick shape, hence allowing for perfect manual as well as automatic handling.

  • The Valve/ open mouth

    The auto squeezing valve allows for the fillings of wide variety of products. The valve can be adapted for all types of specific needs and can also be conceived for the sealing of the bags once the filling is completed. Bags can also be made block bottam with open mouth

  • Perfect air permeability

    AD*Star® Bags can be customized based on air permeability requirement of the cement manufacturer.

  • Palletizing

    The brick shape of the bags was conceived in order to obtain a perfect alignment on the palettes. Combined with the high level of resistance of the AD*STAR® bags, this advantage allows for the piling of palettes on top of each other.

  • Saving

    The price of the AD*STARĀ® bags is very competitive, thanks to its special features:
    • The strength of the PP woven cloth renders the bag extremely light which permits raw material economy in comparison to paper bags
    • The assembly of the valves and the bottom bases is done without the use of glue.
  • Prevent Duplicacy

    AD*STAR® Bags cannot be replicated thus preventing spurious products in the market.