Environmental Friendly

  • Fully Recyclable

    AD*STAR® Sacks can either be reused as sacks or recycled to make other products or used as fuel in cement plant.

  • UV Degradable

    AD*STAR® Sacks are made up with Polypropylene granules which breakdown in presence of sunlight over a long period.

  • Chemically Tested

    Polypropylene is non-toxic meaning that when AD*STAR® Sacks get in contact with water and soil no harm is done.

  • Highly Tensile

    High Strength of AD*STAR® Sacks seldom result in breakage or spillage, hence avoiding any polution or cleanup cost.

  • No Toxic Elements

    AD*STAR® Sacks have welded ends and no toxic glue is ever used.

  • Saves raw material

    AD*STAR ~80g/sack
    PE-film sack ~180g/sack
    Paper sack ~140 - 230g/sack