Comparing AD*STAR®

A new type of bag made out of woven polypropylene combining all the advantages of traditional bags. It has a brick looking shape which allows for the appropriate robotized handling.

The tubes are woven from different PP tapes and the ready tubes can be laminated with PP or PP+PE lamination. They can be printed and perforated. The woven tubes are cut to size on AD-CONVERTEX production lines. After that the AD*STARĀ® bags are made from the laminated tubes by thermofixing the top, the valve and bottom patches to the bags. This method is in accordance with the requirements of the environmental protection.

AD*STAR® bags can be produced with valves or open mouthed. They may be with or without gussets, with stitched or cardboard bottom, open mouthed or with a valve.


  • as a blockbottom valve bag the closing is granted with a self-closing valve;
  • they can be produced in different colours;
  • different masterbatches and additives can be used, p.e. for colouring, UV stabilizing, improvement of mechanical and antislip properties (coating);
  • flexo- printing on one or two sides.
  • the top and bottom patches can be printed with one colour;
  • the sacks can be microperforated or perforated;
  • blockbottom valved bags can be made with different widths of bottoms and tops;
  • different kinds of valves (inner, outer, outer fringed, reduced).