PP circular woven bags

Open mouth bags are made from the use of a tubular cloth woven fold once or twice, then stitched at the bottom. Bags come in to a variety of dimensions and filling capacity with a personalized printing in either one, two, three or four colors. These can be used for packing of cement, chemicals & other similar products. These PP Woven Valve Bags are accessible in multiple sizes & dimensions that are detailed to multiple industrial & commercial usages.

They are totally custom designed and may be with valves for automatic filling and with a polyethylene liner stitched inside for moisture and spillage protection. The liners may be loosely inserted or stitched at the bottom of the bag. There is always an option available to laminate these bags inside/outside, depending upon the customer’s requirement and the application for which they are being used.

Woven polypropylene bags or simply woven PP bags are considered to be the toughest packaging bags, widely used to pack materials for grain, milling and sugar industry. Additionally, these bags also find wide application in fodder industry, chemicals and fertilizers industry besides cement industry and other applications like sand, metal parts and concrete etc.

We offer 100% custom designed polypropylene woven bags and polypropylene woven sacks as per the required specifications of the customer.

PP circular woven bags

Technical Specifications
UV Protection 200 to 1600 hours
Denier (thickness of woven
polypropylene strands)
400 & above
Width 15"- 27"
Length As specified by the customer
Colors As specified by the customer
Capacity As specified by the customer
Printing Up to 4 colors on one or both sides with
corona treatment / manual printing
Lamination 15"- 27"


The PP woven sacks and PP woven bags are ideal for the packaging of products, which include the following:

  • Fertilizers
  • Food grains
  • Sugar
  • Cashew nuts
  • Animal feeds
  • Barley
  • Salt
  • Seeds
  • Cement


  • Flexible and high strength
  • Double side print
  • Water & dust proof design
  • Heat/Wave Cut & hemmed top
  • Flat or anti-slip weaving
  • Strong and lightweight
  • Water resistant
  • Ideal for resisting rough handling conditions
  • Keeps its strength when in contact with water