PP Woven Laminated
Gussetted Bags

PP woven laminated gusseted bags can stand vertically due to its unique construction. They have sides and balloon out to hold the product with hard flat base. These gusseted bags are ideal for the storage of various agri products and food grains. In addition to storage of the products, the gusseted bags have the biggest advantage of optimum space utilization.

Hdpe Circular woven bags

Technical Specifications
UV Protection 200 to 1600 hours
Denier (thickness of woven
polypropylene strands)
400 & above
Width 15"- 27"
Length As specified by the customer
Colors As specified by the customer
Capacity As specified by the customer
Printing Up to 4 colors on one or both sides with
corona treatment / manual printing
Lamination 15"- 27"


The PP woven gusseted bags are used for storage of fine granules like:

  • Food Products : Flour, Corn, Grain, Sugar, Salt, Animal Feed
  • Chemicals & Fertilizers : Carbon, Caustic Soda, Potash, Phosphates
  • Petro Chemicals : Polymers, Granules, PVC Compound, Master Batches


  • Infolded side for easier loading of material
  • Flexible and high strength
  • UV stabilized
  • Made from food grade material
  • Printing option on gusseted portion