Laboratory Equipments

At every stage of manufacturing we have installed QC checks for any fabric defects, printing defects, stitching defects, dimensions and cleanliness. Every individual bags manufactured is inspected by qualified and experienced inspectors.

A sample of about 5% is again inspected by an independent QC inspector for all the parameters from the final lot before despatch from the factory.

Tensile Testing Machine

We have imported tensile testing machines for checking the tenacity of tapes, fabric and belts. The results from the test are commonly used to select a material for an application, for quality control, and to predict how a material will react under different types of forces.

U V Testing Machine

Our bags are checked for UV stability in the UV testing machine. The test is carried out as per the ASTM standard.

The samples of tape, fabric, yarn, belt etc are subjected to a test of 216 / 144 hours. This consists of 18 cycles (or 12 cycles) of 12 hours each.

After 216 hours (or 144 hours), the samples are tested for the retentive strength.